Term of Business

Terms and conditions of our service

Terms of Business

These services are provided based on official registration in compliance with the Russian Federation law "About state registration of legal entities and private entrepreneurs." This is a private enterprize established in 1999 providing one-stop translation services to companies and individuals and successfully cooperating with translation agencies all around the world.

Services provided

Text translation and processing in various file formats, linguistic services like proofreading and editing, Web site localization. Desktop Publishing services are provided as part of translation projects only.

Rates and payments

Prices are negotiable and to be adjusted depending on text complexity, project volume and tasks, agreed turnaround time. Free no obligation Quotes are provided within a day upon submission of materials to be translated.

Payments are accepted in EURO, USD or Roubles according to provided bank details. Failure to execute payment strictly based on information provided in job-related invoices (i.e. stating incorrect bank account and/or other bank details) may lead to additional expenses connected with the necessity to obtain more exact bank details, as charged by any banking institution participating in related bank transfer, which shall be compensated by the party that failed to pay properly.

Quality Assurance

Timely deliveries and high quality are guaranteed with respect to the use of proper style, modern grammar rules, terminology, taking into account specific context or the Customer's specific needs, and up-to-date trends in the languages concerned. Terminology consistency and overall accuracy are ensured through the use of specific glossaries composed and professional translator tools.

In case any corrections in completed translations are requested, as deemed necessary by the ordering party contesting their quality, feedback may only be provided based on detailed descriptions of particular text parts to be reviewed with indicated types of possible inaccuracies or mistakes and suggested corrections.

No responsibility is taken for any accidental and unforeseen text changes or distortions as result of file conversion, additional formatting, hardware fault or other procedures or adverse effects that may occur after translated and/or proofread/edited files are returned to the ordering party with closed job(s).

Communication and file deliveries

Quotes are sent within one day of received request. They include estimated price to be agreed upon with the Customer and realistic delivery terms.

The following means are used for file deliveries and/or communication: email, fax, transfers from/to FTP servers. Though all measures are taken to ensure timely delivery of translated materials to the Customer, no responsibility is assumed for any unforeseen contingencies like ISP's failure to keep stable connection.

Taking into account possible scams and falsifications we consider it to be our duty to warn all our customers that we take no responsibility for any messages/files sent from email accounts other than those directly originating from the radians.net domain.

Confidentiality note

All materials received from clients are treated as confidential and will not be used for purposes other than translation. Copies of received and translated files are kept offline for a period of max. 1 year with proper security measures.

Use of this web site

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