Selected projects

Samples of projects implemented with our participation

This selection is only a small part of the numerous projects completed by us. Get an idea of what we can do for you too.

  • Treatment of live transformers Customer: ARRAS-MAXEI
  • An article about risk management translated for ProZ.com
  • Caps for containers manufacturered by Portola
  • Specifications for hydrants Manufacturer: Keulahuette GmbH
  • Instructions on parcel deliveries (Deutsche Post)
  • Interface specification from a Cisco range of products
  • Mechanized scaling system Manufacturer: Normet
  • Diploma of higher education Sample of English translation
  • Presentation file Information support for the Munich Airport
  • Description for the Island Hideaway Hotel ordered by Island Hideaway
  • Explosion barrier valves ordered by Marian Pyritz
  • Presentation file ordered by Nestle Nutrition
  • Safe power distribution system Ordered by: Koehl
  • Presentation file ordered by Man Investments