April 28, 2020

Sometimes the difference between "services" and "solutions" is not very clear.

The thing is, the word "difference" is not exactly the key to understanding what it is all about.

The concept of "service" is pretty straightforward: pay for translation/editing/proofreading and enjoy it.

But what if you have to deal with a pdf file, a bunch of images or an srt (subtitle) file? What if the budget is tight yet the time for this task isn't an issue or it is all the other way round? It means you have a "task" or a "problem", and every problem needs a "solution".

With special needs, budget, time limits and all expectations taken into account, the "solution" usually incorporates a number of "services" that are "tailored" or "optimized" for a particular "task". It is all about getting the best quality for each particular case with an optimized services pack for every task.

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