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Three typical workflows for requested jobs

Original documents are in any MS Office format: The workflow includes translation plus the necessary QA steps and target files are delivered in any format required by client.

Web pages require translated texts of the same length to fit into the original layout and size: Apart from standard steps (translation and QA), client's instruction should be either to make target segments with the same length from the very beginning or to adjust text length after web pages are returned and appear in a test area of the related web site. The latter might require less efforts because not in any situation text overflow would change layout. In the former case more changes would be necessary, therefore the process is more time-consuming, but whatever solution is selected, practically nothing will be omitted in terms of meaning, implication, style, use of key words etc. Any nuances or restrictions are discussed with clients. Font change or line-to-line spacing change is not used.

Original documents are in PDF format and they are not editable (text which is graphics in fact): OCR (optical character recognition) plus DTP (desktop publishing) followed by translation and QA; target files are delivered in any format required by client.

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