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The City of Tula, founded in 1146, situated 200 km to the south of Moscow, is closely associated with such a name as Leo Tolstoy, with famous Tula samovars and honey cakes and other traditions upheld up to date. Relics of the past are there along with new-built quarters. Tula is proud of being a city of craftsmen.

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TMS Certified User

XTRF is a state-of-the art Translation Management System used by hundreds of translation companies around the world. Radian's Translation Bureau has been successfully certified to better serve the existing and future clients through centralized management of all productions cycles and prompt communication. Our long-term clients benefit from using a so-called Customer Portal that allows placing orders directly and receiving job confirmations, reading financial reports and checking outstanding invoices, apart from other convenient functions.

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How to save money on translation services

Here are a few tips on how to cut costs when ordering translations. 1. Submit your document containing accessible text (not after scanning as formatting issues may reveal themselves!). If you have an original document in say Word format why send it in PDF and pay extra for desktop publishing? 2. Either exclude unnecessary text parts yourself or ask to have them excluded by your translation service provider (discuss this matter at a preliminary stage). 3. Think of any tag lines and slogans that your material may contain. If you really need them you should take into account the fact that finding the right words for the same in a different language is a task requiring, in addition, special skills and some investigation, which involves extra costs. 4. Allow sufficient time for performance, without deliveries on a tight timetable. Better ask for provider's feasible delivery time. 5. Do not forget about volume discounts for big projects or in case of long-term cooperation. Last but not least, a small enterprize (a translation company) is able to offer comparatively lower prices without compromising quality as it bears less business-related expenses.

Posted by Admin  | on 02.02.2014

Approved as a Translation Provider for Kontax

Our company is now an approved Translation Provider for Kontax, the only press release site in the world to be available in 67 languages and 100 countries. As an approved Kontax Translator, we can publish press releases in any of those languages and countries. In addition, we can distribute customers' press releases: to all the main social media; to more than 900,000 opt-in journalists; in over 100 countries; in most cases with a guaranteed readership of 2,000 journalists; with real-time monitoring of the media impact of each press campaign; and with immediate indexing by the main search engines for SEO purposes.

Posted by Admin  | on 04.23.2015